50 Stories for 50 Years

Each year, thousands of students choose Rowan College at Burlington County to pursue their educational goals. Multiply those thousands by 50, and you get an exponential return of unique experiences. From January 2019 to January 2020, we celebrated the college’s 50th anniversary by highlighting 50 remarkable students, alumni and staff.

Notable features include a student who saved a peer’s life, an alumnus who designed a vehicle reaching speeds of over 300 miles per hour and an alumna who earned Burlington County’s Outstanding Woman of the Year in Education.

Tyler went Ivy League.

James proposed to Ilona.

D’Jana became a top scholar.

Ann took her own advice.

Lauren earned three degrees before graduating high school.

Huy embraced his passion for cooking.

Ben reentered the workforce.

Eilis saved a life.

Andrew aimed for the Supreme Court.

An RCBC research team built a secure platform.

Kellie joined law enforcement.

Gina earned employee of the year.

Jaxson studied ocean engineering.

Megan went to medical school.

Charvas made a career connection.

Hana became an analyst at The Statue of Liberty.

Brian penned an award-winning graphic novel.

Jessica gained personal and financial independence.

Andwele pursued an affordable path to a bachelor’s degree.

Marie left Germany seeking an American education.

Molly got a jump-start on her future.

Heather overcame a learning disability and earned two national scholarships.

Bernadette climbed the ladder from secretary to associate dean.

Leesa enrolled in college at 11 years old.

Harrison became a celebrated local comedian.

Shellie reinvented herself.

Eric skyrocketed to NASA Community College Aerospace Scholar status.

Khaliyah flourished with the Rowan partnership.

Claudia sought a better life for herself and her kids.

Sarika became an American citizen.

William transitioned from temporary employee to executive advisor.

Lauren created a blog to help the homeless.

Local senior citizens made an impact in their community.

Brian expanded his career options.

Anthony launched a sports news website.

Julianna took a shot at Miss New Jersey.

Rhonda founded a nonprofit.

Teresa juggled two jobs, family and school to realize her dream.

Blake turned his fascination with human behavior into a corporate gig.

Mitchell formed a startup to help Chinese students acclimate to life in America.

Pamela advanced from radiography student to program director.

Jillian shifted from hairstylist to nurse.

Jourdin ranked among the best and brightest community college students.

Kristen dug into an exciting archaeology career.

Wilson embraced the American dream.

Christine expanded the college’s community garden.

Alice earned three degrees and was the oldest graduate in her class.

Jenna forged a new path.

Joshua defied labels with his versatile body of artwork.

The Reburn family found common ground.