Answering the Call

When a call went out to Burlington County nursing students to help with front-line testing in the health battle against the coronavirus, the response was immediate — and overwhelming.

It took less than an hour for more than 80 students in the nursing program at RCBC to respond to a plea from health sciences dean Dr. Karen Montalto for volunteers to staff the county coronavirus call center and its drive-in testing center when both opened in late March.

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Reporting the Truth

An avid writer, RCBC alumna Piper Hudspeth Blackburn devoted most of her time in spring 2020 covering the pandemic for the COVID-19 Analyzer Project at Northwestern University. The group’s collective aim was twofold; first, they verified claims and misinformation about the virus, and second, they shared original reporting that explored how the virus affects nearly every aspect of society. 

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Serving the Community

Fashion design student Cheryl Jackson heeded the call to join the fight against coronavirus the only way she knew how: sewing. She made over 200 facemasks for her local community and beyond. 

“My heart is overjoyed to offer the least little bit of comfort during this nightmarish environment that we are living in. Although most of us cannot get the N95 mask that doctors and nurses wear, it’s helpful to have something to cover our mouths and noses to help mitigate the spread of the virus. I really wish I could do more, but the little that I do fills my soul with joy.”

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Passion into Philanthropy

RCBC’s Radio Operations Manager Jason Varga turned his woodworking passion into a philanthropic cause. In June 2020, he raised $750 by selling his custom pieces to benefit frontline workers at Virtua Hospitals. 

“I don't know if it made an impact, but it made an impression in our community, and I was just trying to shine a little more light into the universe during these dark times the country is experiencing.”

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Helping Others

When alumnus Julian Lorenzo learned of single mothers in need of food and supplies during the pandemic, he helped raise over $120 dollars. 

“Sometimes we become so consumed within our own lives, we forget to look around and acknowledge those who may need a helping hand. EVERYONE has been affected by these uncertain times, and we need to lean on one another.”

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