What do you get when you combine two dormant RCBC servers, seven computer science and cybersecurity majors and boundless creative energy? The answer: IRIS, a tamper-resistant message authentication system that provides a convenient and secure means to transfer and store data among computers.

The team behind the tool: Shanni Prutchi, Jeffrey Wood, Christopher Hendrix, Dalton Grovatt, Christopher Hurley and Hannah Marthaler, and Jordan Jiosi were selected to present their idea at the 2019 Hackaday Supercon. Hackaday is a well-known tech organization that brings together hardware hackers, builders, engineers and engineering enthusiasts around the world. The organization aims to reverse the often negative connotation surrounding the art of hacking and promotes the free and open exchange of ideas and information.

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“Surviving with Grief,” a documentary film produced by RCBC students, tells the story of Sgt. Alfred Brenner, of the United States Marine Corps, and his incredible bond with his German Shepherd, Grief. Brenner and Grief were deployed together to Afghanistan in the summer of 2010. During this time in a contentious war zone, the two developed a significant bond, as they worked and survived together. “Surviving with Grief” follows their relationship from its inception to its explosive ending. Read about the film here.

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