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The Department of Athletics of Rowan College at Burlington County Department offers a comprehensive program designed to foster the growth of each student-athlete, and supports their pursuit of academic, athletic, and personal excellence.  In conjunction with the Rowan College at Burlington County Mission, the Department aims to provide high quality intercollegiate athletic teams that enhance and develop the values of sportsmanship, discipline, leadership, integrity, and accountability.

What sports does RCBC offer?

  • Men’s soccer
  • Women’s soccer
  • Men’s basketball
  • Women’s basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Golf (co-ed)

Approximately 125 student-athletes participate in athletics each academic year. 

What major affiliations does the Barons Athletics Department have?

Rowan College at Burlington County is affiliate of the National Junior College Athletic Association, headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO.  It participates in Division I in soccer, Division II in baseball, basketball, and softball, and Division III in golf.  RCBC is a part of NJCAA’s Region XIX, which consists of 30 institutions from Delaware, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania.  The College operates under NJCAA guidelines and is fully committed to strict compliance with all rules and regulations.

Garden State Athletic Conference
The Barons are a member of the Garden State Athletic Conference.  The Conference hosts numerous championships and has become one of the most viable conferences in the NJCAA.  Membership consists of community colleges in Atlantic, Bergen, Brookdale, Camden, Cumberland, Essex, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Raritan Valley, Rowan College of Gloucester County, Sussex, and Union counties.

Does RCBC offer scholarships?
Per the NJCAA Policies and Procedures, Rowan College at Burlington County may award scholarships in its Division I and II programs.  The number allowed is determined by the NJCAA, and limited by RCBC to include:

Men’s Soccer    14 Women’s Soccer   14
Men’s Basketball  12 Women’s Basketball   12
Baseball 19 Softball 19

As a Division III member of the NJCAA in golf, Rowan College at Burlington County cannot offer student-athletes athletic scholarship aid of any kind. 

Additional academic scholarships are available to all RCBC students through the RCBC Foundation, and will be published annually.

What is the best way to contact a coach?

The RCBC Department of Athletics is located in the PE Building on the Pemberton campus.  The address is 601 Pemberton Browns Mills Road, Pemberton,NJ 08055.  All coaches are part time and have limited hours in the office. 

If you are interested in becoming a Baron, please contact the Department of Athletics first via one of the following methods to make an appointment with the coaching staff:

Phone: (609) 894-9311, ext. 1435
Fax:  (609) 894-4973

Fill out the Want to Become a Baron? Form.

How do I know if I am eligible to play?

To confirm eligibility, please complete and submit an Student-Athlete Eligibility Preseason Packet to the Director of Athletics. Student-athletes should follow these basic guidelines to maintain eligibility:

  • Always carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester while practicing or competing.  Violations of this rule will result in individual and team penalties.
  • Prior to the second full-time term, a student must pass 12 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 1.75 or higher.
  • Prior to the third full-time term, and all subsequent semesters thereafter, a student must pass 12 credits with a 2.00 cumulative GPA or higher for the previous full-time term, OR pass an accumulation of semester hours equal to 12 multiplied by the number of semesters in which the student-athlete was previously enrolled full-time with a GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  • Prior to the second season of participation, a student must pass 24 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Do not participate on any outside team before contacting your coach.  Violations can result in individual and team penalties.
  • All student athletes must pass a physical examination administered by a qualified health care professional licensed to administer physical examinations, prior to the first practice for each college year they compete.
  • Report all injuries to your coach and the athletic trainer.  Injury hardships can only be processed if the athletic training staff has documentation of the injury.

Note:  Rowan College at Burlington County has the right to implement more stringent eligibility requirements and/or additional requirements.
Note:  The requirements listed above are the minimum requirements for participation, and may not qualify you for a RCBC scholarship, or successful transfer to a four-year institution.

Does the RCBC Department of Athletics have an academic support system?

The Barons Athletics Department has initiated a Student-Athlete Success Program designed to raise the personal academic awareness level of each student-athlete. The program will identify the present academic status, short and long term academic goals and expectations for each individual student-athlete. The program will track each student-athlete through individual advisement and monitoring of their academic direction. It will aim to promote the academic success of every student-athlete and guide them toward graduation. The program is designed to include many of the College’s resources, including but not limited to the Academic Advising Office, Tutoring Center, and Career Center. Student-athletes are required to take an active involvement in their academic success here at the RCBC.

Does Rowan College at Burlington County have an athletic trainer?

Rowan College at Burlington County employees a full time Athletic Trainer to provide hands on care for RCBC student athletes. The Athletic Trainer is responsible for all first level treatments of student-athletes, including any injuries that occur during practice or games. The Athletic Trainer is responsible for tracking and recording all information regarding student-athlete treatments, follow-up care, and any insurance claim reporting related to a student-athlete injury.

Do I need to purchase the school’s health insurance?

Yes, it is a requirement that all student-athletes maintain the Athletic Injury Insurance Policy, regardless of their family’s personal health insurance status. This ensures that the student-athlete is also covered by the College’s catastrophic insurance policy.

Can I get a physical at RCBC?

RCBC does not administer sports physicals.  The College recommends that student-athletes visit their primary care physician for their mandatory physical examination.  However, any qualified health care professional can administer the physical.  An updated list of locations of local urgent cares and minute clinics can be found in the RCBC Department of Athletics

Is there a student-athlete participation fee? 

Specific programs may assess a student fee to enhance their programs above and beyond its allotted budget, as well as, support special team events, including spring break trips.  All student-athletes in those programs will sign a student-athlete participation fee agreement, and will be responsible for either fundraising or paying the student fee.  All proceeds will go to the individual athletic programs.

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