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Name: Gino Tortoriello

Hometown: New Egypy, New Jersey

Why I Chose RCBC: ​I chose RCBC because I v​iewed it as a stepping stone for my baseball career​.​

Favorite Sports Player: Mike Trout is my favorite sports player because how simple his game is and his play style.

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Favorite Sports Memory: My favorite sports memory was going to the sectional finals.

Barons Athlete

Name: Devin Matchett

Hometown: Burlington Township, New Jersey

Why I Chose RCBC: I choose RCBC because I knew it would be a strong stepping stone for me and my journey. Also with RCBC being the number one community college in NJ, I knew I would be academically challenged.

Favorite Sports Player: Kyrie Irving

Favorite Food: Salmon and Lobster

Favorite Sports Memory: My favorite sports memory was during an AAU game at Spooky Nook Sports complex in Manheim, PA. We played against a top ranked team.  I scored an "and 1" late in the last minutes too ice the game and get the win. 

Barons Athlete

Name: Briana Robinson

Hometown: Burlington Township

Why I Chose RCBC: I chose RCBC because I accepted a scholarship. Taking the scholarship was the best decision for me and my family. Going to RCBC is very convenient and it’s a way for me to get my prerequisite classes complete.

Favorite Sports Player: My favorite sports player is Odell Beckham Jr. because of his personality and the love he has for the sport he plays. I’ve looked up to Odell since he joined the New York Giants.

Favorite Food: Fried macaroni & cheese balls and tortellini alfredo.

Favorite Sports Memory: My favorite sports memory is my first year at RCBC when I made it into the paper for having the lead score of 16 points.

Barons Athlete

Name: Alexander Jacob Schwartz

Hometown: Voorhees, NJ

Why did you choose RCBC: It is a cost effective alternative to 4 year schools.

Favorite player and why? Dellin Betances because he is a great role model who works hard, throws hard, and has nasty pitches.

Favorite food: French fries

Favorite sports memory: Winning the 2013 NJ Group 4 State Championship as a sophomore at Eastern High School.


Cherry Hill

Why I choose RCBC?
I decided on RCBC because I was receiving a scholarship and it was smarter for me and my family if I could work on myself for two more years and get my pre reqs out because I need to get my doc degree for Forensics

Favorite Sports Player?
My favorite sports player is Yadier Molina because of his background and because I look up to him as a person and player. I've grown up admiring him.

Favorite Food?
Fried plantains and steak

Favorite Sports Memory?
I played at the ESPN Zone in Florida it was the first time my dad had not travelled with me and said if I hit a homerun he'd buy me my custom glove and I ended up hitting a grand slam and my dad was it at work and he called me crying and I will never forget it.


Barons Athlete


Why did you choose RCBC:
I chose RCBC because of the interest I received from the coach. After researching the school, I saw how successful other student-athletes were.  It was the right choice for me.

Favorite player and why?
Steven Gerrard because of his spirit and will to win. He is the best example of a captain on and off the field.

Favorite food:
My favorite food is Paella. Paella is a typical Spanish rice meal.

Favorite sports memory:
The 2010 World Cup Final when Spain won off a goal from Iniesa.


Barons Athlete

I live in the rural farmlands of historic Chesterfield Township New Jersey.

Why did I choose RCBC:
I chose RCBC because of the convenience of the campus, affordable tuition, and the opportunity to be a part of the women's soccer team.

Favorite sports player and why?
If I were to choose a favorite sports player it would definitely be Julie Johnston because she has the natural ability to distribute the ball out of the back as well as go up to play a midfield position.

Favorite food:
My favorite food would have to be the classic Italian dish, vodka rigatoni.

Favorite sports memory:
Out of all my years of playing soccer, my favorite memory would have to be when my Northern Burlington high school team would travel
to Washington Crossing each year for a weekend. We would push ourselves through our intense morning/evening practice sessions and end the day with extraordinary, yet memorable team bonding activities.


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