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The Barons Athletics Department Student-Athlete Success Program is designed to raise the personal academic awareness level of each student-athlete. Student-athletes are required to take an active involvement in their academic success here at Rowan College at Burlington County. The program will identify the present academic status, short and long-term academic goals, and expectations for each individual student-athlete. The program will track each student-athlete through individual advisement and monitoring of his or her academic direction. It will aim to promote the academic success of every student-athlete and guide him or her toward graduation. The program is designed to incorporate many of the college’s resources, including, but not limited to, the Academic Advising Office, Tutoring Center, and Career Services Center. The following program components provide the foundation for the Academic Support provided to all student-athletes: Orientation


The department’s emphasis on academic success begins with an orientation for student-athletes. Annually, the Director of Athletics, Athletics Coordinator, Athletic Trainer and Athletics Specialist will meet with each program prior to its season. Orientation serves as an avenue to introduce student-athletes to our Department and campus life. Topics include, but are not limited to, Student-Athlete Success Program, eligibility, athletic training, NJCAA rules and procedures, conduct, and image.

Early Registration

The Barons Athletic Department will coordinate with the Academic Advising Department to schedule an Early Registration period for all student-athletes. Student-athletes will be given priority scheduling approximately one week prior to the start of open student registration in an attempt to schedule classes that meet student-athletes’ graduation requirements, as well as coordinate the student-athletes' class schedule with practice and game schedules.

Introduction to Faculty

The department’s orientation and coach interaction includes an emphasis on positive representation of self and department. Each student is expected to introduce themselves as a student-athlete to each faculty/instructor. It is important that the student-athlete communicates clearly when there will be absences due to games. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to make sure that all work due is turned in prior to any missed classes and arrangements are made to receive content covered in those classes.

Mandatory Study Hours

Student-athletes will be required to attend two hours of mandatory study hall per week. Study halls hours will take place at the libraries on both the Pemberton and Mount Laurel campus. Student-athletes may also have the opportunity to fulfill their hours through team organized study halls.

Please be aware that coaches mandate study hours above and beyond the two mandatory hours. Exemptions include student-athletes who have a 3.5 or higher GPA after their first full-time semester.

Student-Athlete Mentors

Student-athletes who have a 3.5 or higher GPA who do not need to attend the mandatory study halls have the opportunity to be a student-athlete mentor. These student-athletes can volunteer their time and attend the study halls to provide support for those student-athletes in need.

Progress Reports

Every faculty or instructor that has a student-athlete on their roster will be notified via email by the Athletics Coordinator. The faculty member or instructor will then be responsible for submitting a monthly progress report for each student-athlete on their class roster to the Athletics Coordinator by the 7th of each month. Recipients of progress reports that detail multiple absences, unsatisfactory quiz or test grades, or unacceptable behavior will meet with the Athletics Coordinator, and the respective coach if necessary. An Academic Improvement Plan will be created to assist with the progress of the student-athlete. Components may include tutoring hours, additional study hours, and meeting with appropriate faculty or staff.


The Department of Athletics looks to schedule and host an array of workshops throughout the academic year. The Department will look to work with both internal and external resources to meet the needs of the student-athletes. Recently, the Department created a webpage on its athletics site dedicated to important resources that the student-athletes can utilize at any time.

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